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Backlinks wanted sign for link building

Outsource Link Building: When is The Best Time?

Backlinks wanted sign for link building
Mery Minasyan Mery Minasyan
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What’s the perfect SEO scenario?

That’s right-having an in-house team to handle the Technical, On-Page, and Off-Page tasks of SEO.

Unfortunately, for most companies, it’s hard to handle it all at once. If you have an SEO specialist on the team, they can get the technical and on-page tasks done easily. What about off-page SEO? Is it impossible to build backlinks?

Link building seems to be one of the toughest challenges for SEO professionals around the world. That’s because it needs a little more… specialization.

You may have been in SEO for long enough to call yourself an expert. However, when it comes to the off-page part, you may struggle a lot. And still get no results.

Well, that’s unfortunate.

For this reason, we will discuss the major benefits of outsourcing link building and how to understand whether your company needs it or not.

4 biggest reasons to outsource link building

This is where the outsourcing solution comes into play. And here’s how it makes things more simple.

1. Outsourcing is good for your budget

How come link building outsourcing is cheaper than hiring an in-house professional?

As a business owner, you definitely need to keep good control of your financial resources and make sure most of your spending brings results. When it comes to SEO, outsourcing is the perfect path to take.

First, let’s break down the potential expenses you will make for building backlinks:

  • Getting a professional link building tool such as Ahrefs to conduct competitor analysis, collect data, find new link building opportunities, etc.
  • Hiring a specialist who can handle it all. If your goal is to scale with the help of link building, you will need more than one SEO expert. Sometimes even a whole team of professional link builders.
  • Paying for the live link or the published guest post. We all know how crazy these numbers can get, and after all the time and money put in, they still may not give the expected results. In fact, according to a very fresh Ahrefs report, the average cost of a link is $361.44. Imagine building a few!

Oftentimes, the in-house team companies rely on may need more time to write new email outreach templates, come up with better ways of pitching their link-building offer, etc. This, in turn, means either investing more money to hire new experts or simply waiting for a miracle to happen.

Well, nobody wants to deal with all of the above-mentioned list of tasks all the time. It’s nerve-racking and not so effective after all.


On the contrary, if you hire an outsourced link building company, there’s a lot of budget improvement you’ll notice. For starters, you won’t be paying for anything extra such as SEO tools, bulk email senders, etc. Secondly, the link building company you outsource to already has a specialized team working on various link building projects. What’s unique is that these people have heavily focused on link building, have discovered and tested many ways to complete their projects, and know all the ins and outs. The last and the best thing about these outsourcing companies is that most of them charge clients per backlink. Unless you have any specific requirements, you can easily come to an agreement with the link building agency you’ve picked.

All of these factors talk about expertise and professionalism.

Speaking of which.

2. Outsourcing brings better results in less time

Have you been spending weeks or even months on a HARO link building or a cold outreach strategy? Let’s quickly remember what the outcome was. 

Most probably not the excellent scaling results you were expecting.
Not even the SEO ties you were trying to build.

Pretty sad… 🥲

The good news is you can simply outsource link building to a professional agency. Because these agencies are experienced in the whole process from A to Z, it makes them the perfect candidate to build backlinks for your website as well. They have more resources, more link building cases, more connections, and other benefits to make your links live with less effort. So, if you are a company that understands the importance of backlinks, you need to seriously consider these factors.

And thanks to the number of resources they have access to, it takes them less time to improve your website’s backlink profile.

Why would this work in the case of outsourcing agencies and not your in-house SEO team?

Imagine how many companies like yours want to build relevant links from authoritative websites.

Imagine the number of emails these website’s link builders receive every day.

Is your offer attractive enough for them to reply back AND make your link live (or publish your guest post?) 🧐

You don’t have to go through the same cycle of researching, pitching and getting rejected.

Because link building agencies have already done the boring work for you. They know at least one SEO specialist from the domains they work with and are in a good bond with them. This takes months of collaboration and communication. Moreover, they already have bigger databases of legitimate partner websites, which resolves the issue of getting quality backlinks.

What do these partner websites think? Let’s face it. The websites you’ve been trying to connect with would definitely prefer to work with one person who builds links for multiple domains than with thousands of SEO specialists, each working on different domains.

So, when outsourcing, you basically skip the whole process of communication, building trustworthy relationships, and improving your website’s reputation. This saves you an enormous amount of time while helping your website get more traffic and rank better.

Is that all?

Not really. There’s more to why outsourcing link building is more resultful.

Let’s talk about niche-specificity. If you run a business that has a website, it’s definitely focused on something-a product, a service, or a goal. As you already know, relevancy is an important factor for successful off-page SEO, which is also another reason to outsource link building. Most agencies have their hands on different niche-specific domains. Whether you sell coffee beans and mugs or provide email marketing software for your clients, they definitely have a list of relevant domains for your niche. This takes the whole link building process to another level of efficiency.

See how simple it is?

You may ask, how can I ensure the link building agency I work with will deliver the expected results? That’s exactly what we will discuss as the next advantage.

3. Outsourcing=Predictability

When outsourcing any services, it’s hard to build trust in the company you work with. In the case of link building, there is no exception to the rule. Since this is a crucial part of SEO and website reputation management, companies need to make sure their link building agency is reliable.

But let’s tell the link building story from a fresh start.

You already have or recently hired a team of professionals to focus on building relevant links.
You’ve bought a subscription for all the necessary tools.
Even hired a content specialist to complete any writing tasks that come along.

Are you able to predict how many backlinks you will have at a certain point?

Most likely not. 🙃

Instead, when you work with a link building agency, you have access to more predictability. There’s nothing secretive going on. In fact, here’s how these agencies are able to give you approximate and sometimes exact predictions of your domain’s backlink profile.

First, link building agencies have established systems and tested processes for bringing all projects to life. Working with clients from different spheres requires a lot of research, hours of digging in, and months of A/B testing email outreach methods. So, if your link building agency makes a suggestion, it’s because they already know what strategy will work for your company’s website and what wouldn’t. They make these recommendations based on previous experience and failures. Therefore, they are more confident about what to predict in the case of your domain.

Secondly, link building agencies provide reports over an agreed period of time, depending on your requirements and budget planning. On the one hand, such an approach holds the agency responsible for providing the number of backlinks while also ensuring relevance and consistency. On the other hand, as you outsource link building, you can confidently predict what’s coming. Another good thing about working with these agencies is that most of them will do a competitor backlink analysis to find new ways of helping your domain outrank others in your niche. 

The last thing that makes link building agencies work more predictably is having it all under control. This is because they are resourceful and have access to the following:

  • more link building specialists
  • longer experience
  • necessary tools
  • tested strategies
  • stronger SEO connections

Well, wouldn’t you be able to build an organized and predictable link building strategy with all of these supplies at hand?

Yes, you would. But it takes quite some time to achieve it. So, outsource link building for more predictability and spend your time wisely.

Alright, alright, what’s more to working with a link building agency?

Let’s speak about the last advantage we have on our list.

4. Outsourcing opens doors to a bigger network

As mentioned before, link building is all about connections and good networking. Link building agencies have understood this factor long ago, so they have dedicated some serious time and effort to build such relationships. After all, it’s not just making links live or publishing a guest post but rather communicating with other SEO specialists and staying human.

Let’s admit it. It would be hard for your in-house link builder or the SEO team to manage all the above mentioned tasks and strategies while also networking. The process is time consuming and requires a lot of energy and resourcefulness itself. So, if you also demand them to work on building a good SEO network, this might drain their whole energy out. And still give no results most of the time.

Instead, you can simply outsource link building and benefit from all the good connections these people made a long time ago.

Why do these connections matter anyways? Can’t I simply reach out to them with an outstanding link building offer?

Yes and no.

Yes, because it’s always good to try things out.

No, because most of the time, you’re just wasting your time, energy, and resources.

When it comes to top-tier websites that have an established reputation as a brand, it can be really hard to get in contact with them, especially for building links. And especially if you’re just beginning to rank your website. This is because such websites have already achieved some good SEO metrics, such as a higher DR rate, and are often naturally getting backlinks instead of asking for them. So, unless you have a unique offer in your email pitch, you’re less likely to get any response.

Link building agencies are already in great touch with these domains, so they can help you out as well. While this wasn’t done in one night, it had cost them the time and resources you don’t wanna waste. Such established relationships can give you the unique opportunity to build relevant backlinks from top-ranking domains in a shorter period of time, with less effort and more cost-effectiveness.

You may already feel pretty convinced to work with a link building agency for more scalability and better ranking.

But do you really need it? Is it time to start such a collaboration? Or can you just keep going with the strategy you already have?

Let’s find out further!

Is it time to outsource link building? Let’s find out!

Digital marketing is already pretty confusing. All the social media content you can share, the flashy ad options you can use, email marketing… 🤯

As part of it, SEO has its own confusion for business owners and professionals. Every business that has a website is sure of one thing:

You need link building to rank and scale better.

The question remains: is it time to hire a professional link building agency? Or can I get it done on my own?

How link building helps with better ranking.

Here are the most important points to keep an eye on when you can’t make the final decision.

1. Quick scaling needed!!!

Every business owner has the goal to grow and improve their company, brand reputation, and other activities. Scaling is the exact word to use when you want this growth to be at a steady pace instead of full of bad surprises. As part of your digital marketing strategy, link building can be quite a great support to scale your business by ranking your domain higher on Google search results and building a better reputation. Moreover, there are different types of methods and platforms you can use to track your website ranking and see whether you’re getting the desired results or not.

Moreover, if you choose to outsource link building instead of spending so much time and money on a separate strategy, just do it. All the resources link building agencies can offer are able to scale your business in terms of ranking.

In addition, these agencies can ensure consistency and predictability (discussed above,) so you don’t have to worry about keeping the pace of growth. They can also offer a personalized approach in case something doesn’t go as planned. For example, if you recently launched a new feature, you can ask your link building agency to provide some backlinks, which will give a quick boost to the new landing page you’ve built. In cases like these, it’s great to have a reliable partner by your side instead of struggling with your in-house team.

In short, if you feel like your business could do better, give excellent results, and has the potential to scale, it’s time to outsource link building!!!

2. Great content, no ranking

You’ve done the perfect keyword research.
Found some unique focus keyword ideas.
With excellent metrics.
Published your SEO-optimized content that was supposed to outdo competitors.

All the dreams and hopes you had… 💭

But still, it didn’t work.

Simply because you need some good backlinks to support your great content and rank it up on Google.

HubSpot confirms that 82% of marketers are actively using content marketing for better results and more improvements. If you’re a content enthusiast and have a heavy focus on your content marketing strategy, keep this in mind.

Great content goes hand in hand with great backlinks.

Backlinks support content and rank it better, while content can be used to build more links with better relevancy. In this case, since you already have great content, the only thing you need is to build the backlinks. You’ve already had the headache of creating unique and keyword-optimized content. So, no need for another one.

The time has come to outsource your link building!!! ⏳

Use the power of all the established relationships your link building agency can offer. Get backlinks from top-ranking websites to boost your content. Give some specific requirements regarding the domains they can provide. You can come to all sorts of agreements with your link building agency thanks to their resourcefulness.

So, instead of letting your great content get lost in Google search results or waiting for a miracle to happen, find a professional agency and outsource link building for the best results.

3. Quality > Quantity

If you’ve ever tried to do link building with the help of your in-house team, chances are you’ve received emails like:

“I have +1000 high traffic websites in different niches and categories at a very reasonable price.”
“Hi, Sir/Madam…”
“We have over 200+ categories and connections to over 40,000+ bloggers with 100% manual coverage.”

As magical as this sounds, experienced people already know that there’s hardly any quality behind all these promises.

Even though numbers do matter, especially when it comes to your domain’s backlinks profile, the quality of those backlinks also plays a huge role. And Google takes this very seriously.

Of course, you can get in touch with people who offer such link building “opportunities,” but this wouldn’t give the same results if you worked with, let’s say, more trustworthy SaaS websites.

Wait, did we say SaaS? Yep, in link building, there are two main types of domains you will work with: SaaS websites and only-content websites. Learn more about this and how to build SaaS backlinks in our recent article.

But, back to the topic!

Most of the magical offers are from only-content domains instead of real legitimate business websites. Which is probably not what you want for the long-term. And, to avoid all this confusion and misleading quantities of domains and get to the real work, you can simply outsource link building. You already know that you will get much better results in a shorter period. This time, it’s important to mention that you will also get exceptional quality and a better-looking backlink profile.

Moreover, this will also help position your domain as credible and authoritative in the eyes of Google crawlers.

So, if your company values quality over quantity, it’s time to get to this task already!

To Wrap up!

Many businesses think that link building is dead or has long gone into the past. But, as long as people search for stuff on Google, link building is still around.

So, let’s wrap things up.

You should outsource link building because ⤵

  • it gives faster results in a shorter period
  • leaves you with a better budget
  • provides more predictability
  • gives access to a larger SEO network.

You need to outsource link building when ⤵

  • scaling is needed
  • great content doesn’t rank
  • quantity is more important to you than quality.

With these in mind, make sure to give a quick glance at your current Off-Page SEO activities, find any gaps you have or obstacles you can’t overcome, and make the final decision. There’s a lot link building agencies can do for a better performance of your business in your industry.

Still not convinced?

Get in touch with us so we can show you around all the work we do and all the results we can bring to scale your domain and help rank it better.

FAQ about outsourcing link building

How important is link building for SEO?

Building backlinks is an essential paFor starters, you can simply check Google results and review websites which share a list of different agencies and/or tools. LinkedIn is also a great place to hunt for a good link building agency. Lastly, consider how websites with good backlinks profiles have built their links and work with the same agency.rt of any company’s SEO strategy since it helps bring in more traffic, improves website metrics, and boosts rankings.

What to consider when outsourcing link building?

While hiring a link building agency, you should ask for reviews and customer testimonials to understand whether you can trust them or not. You should also learn about the methods and strategies the company is using to build backlinks for its clients, the cost of each backlink, and what websites they’re working with.

How to find the best link building company?

For starters, you can simply check Google results and review websites which share a list of different agencies and/or tools. LinkedIn is also a great place to hunt for a good link building agency. Lastly, consider how websites with good backlinks profiles have built their links and work with the same agency.

Is link building outsourcing expensive?

Outsourcing link building is a cost-effective way to improve your SEO efforts since it helps you avoid a lot of unnecessary expenses, including hiring and training an in-house team, buying software, building SEO relationships, etc.

Want to rank higher?

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