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Benefits of outsourcing link building for SaaS

Next to the SEO-related results, outsourcing will save you costs, time, resources, and headaches. 

Good for your budget

Outsourcing link building is a smart financial move. It cuts extra expenses associated with in-house teams, allowing you to allocate resources where they matter most. With a dedicated link-building agency, you can achieve more, while spending less in the long-term.

Time Saver

By outsourcing your link-building efforts, you free up valuable hours that can be channeled into core business activities. Instead of spending months on getting 10 backlinks in-house, by outsourcing you’ll get the backlinks in less than 2 weeks.

Higher predictability

Link building agencies commit to specific timelines and stick to them. They usually determine exactly when your backlinks will be live, providing peace of mind and clarity in your marketing strategy. Just a month’s waiting time for at least 10 juicy backlinks.

Bigger networking opportunities

Outsourcing link building extends your reach because each link building agency has already built the necessary network in SEO. This means they can secure backlinks from high-authority websites that might be out of your reach otherwise.

Stronger expertise

Outsourcing helps tap into a more serious level of expertise as link building agencies have already dealt with a bunch of various websites, cases, and people. A lot of the time, they know precisely how to handle a certain situation.

Larger resources

Instead of paying for extra tools and software needed for a link building strategy, simply work with an agency. Most of the time, they already have all the necessary tools and platforms integrated into their workflow.

Our Process

To build your SaaS backlinks securely, we have developed a roadmap to follow.

At SayNine, we designed the process of link building for SaaS for precision and effectiveness, ensuring that your online presence is strengthened by backlinks tailored to your unique needs.

Link Building Traffic Growth Illustration

We get or build a list of your priority anchors and URLs, so that the backlinks we build align perfectly with your digital goals.

Data is the cornerstone of our approach. We gather comprehensive information to pinpoint the most suitable SaaS domain opportunities for your link-building campaign.

With a data-driven strategy in place, we embark on a strategic email outreach campaign, connecting with relevant websites and influencers to secure backlinks.

Our content team ensures your links are placed with maximum relevancy and look all natural not only to search engines but also to users.

The final step involves making your SaaS backlinks live. We ensure that each backlink is properly placed into the target website and will let you know once the batch is done.

How You Will Benefit From us

Here's why our SaaS link building services are the game-changer your business needs.

Valuable connections

With an extensive network in link building, we've established connections with more than 1,000+ SaaS companies promising great opportunities for our clients’ online visibility.

Backlink relevance

In case you have very specific anchors that are hard to find in existing content, we will still do editorial changes to make your links live. This will ensure the backlinks have their maximum impact on your website growth.

Sweet pricing

What sets us apart is our commitment to affordability, offering sweet and competitive pricing without compromising on quality. By agreeing to the minimum metrics, you get to pay the same price for a backlink with a high DR and Traffic domain as well

Fixed time frames

We agree on when the backlinks batch will be live and ensure to keep up with the time frame. Regardless of the number of backlinks in the batch, our team will do their best to make them live as planned.

Minimum metrics

We prioritize transparency by agreeing on minimum metrics, ensuring that your backlinks meet a minimum threshold of 50 Domain Rating (DR) and 1000 traffic helping us keep consistency in your link building campaign.

Automated solutions

To make all processes faster and more efficient, we automate even the smallest elements in how we approach link building. This helps us find the right SaaS domains and make your links live much faster.

Our Pricing

Pouches and coins symbolizing pricing for traffic and DR as part of SEO services.

Let’s Talk!

Got any other link building ideas?

150$/per backlink


Frequently Asked Questions

We mostly build links for companies that have specific tools, products, or services. However, we’ve also had clients who wanted to build backlinks for their agency’s website.

While working with us, you will mostly communicate with our link building team leads for both completing the whole campaign or resolving any questions/issues.

Because we only provide SaaS backlinks that will build more trustworthiness and better ranking for your website. We also focus on the consistency of the process so that your domain will only grow instead of dropping. 

Of course! We can get started with the research you’ve done for your link building case. Or, if you haven’t already, we will complete the website audit and send you suggestions.

Yes, at least 10 backlinks per month so that we can show the minimum results.

We mostly use Ahrefs for audit and tracking. However, we’re constantly working on building different in-house automation strategies such as our own crawler for scraping websites.

We will make sure the backlink is either from an industry-relevant website or will place it in a contextually relevant spot. In addition, we consider the website metrics we build links for yours which ensures more growth and better rankings.

In case your link is removed during the first year of providing it, we will make sure to replace it.

Most of the time, you pay when the links are live. In some cases, we also accept prepayments from our clients.

As long as you need us to. 

Nope! The websites we deal with are legit businesses that do NOT sell backlinks. 

We work with trustworthy SaaS domains, including mailmunch.com, leadsbridge.com, saleshandy.com, and more!

We do ABC backlink exchanges with our link building partners without asking the client for a backlink.

Yes! All the pages are okay except the homepage and branded anchors because the websites that we work with usually reject those kinds of backlinks.

Nope, they are from already existing articles.

We send the invoice when the batch is ready.

Yes, the backlinks can be rejected if they do not correspond to the metrics we agreed on.

The website we provide backlinks from have the following minimum metrics: 

Minimum DR: 50

Maximum DR: none


Minimum traffic: 1000

Maximum traffic: none


Type of website: SaaS/Service

Article type: shouldn’t be outdated

Backlink uniqueness: Each backlink should be from a unique domain.


The price per backlink is 150$ in case we agreed on the minimum metrics.