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Strategic, innovative, and long-term approach is what we believe in. At SayNine, we offer link building for SaaS to empower your SaaS brand’s online presence, boost your website ranking, and supercharge your revenue.

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Let's Get Practical On Our Approach!

Strategic, innovative, and long-term approach is what we believe in. At SayNine, we provide professional SaaS link-building services that will empower your online presence, boost your website ranking, and supercharge your revenue. 

Tell us which pages you're aiming to improve and the target anchors you have on a spreadsheet. Whether you have a page you want to rank or a new product that needs some promotion, share all of your website growth goals. This gives us a clear picture of your objectives. If you have no target yet, leave the analysis to us.

Together we pick the website metrics (DR and Traffic) you’ll get backlinks from. If you have any specific requirements such as backlinks from domains that have 70+ DR, our SaaS link building services can fulfill this too. However, we recommend starting with the minimum metrics so that we can keep the link building process consistent.

When you're uncertain about the number of backlinks required for success or the optimal duration for your link building efforts, we help you strategize. Our experts will work closely with you to define a clear and achievable strategy for your link building journey, ensuring that your efforts are not only effective but also aligned with your long-term objectives.

Whether you’re looking for domains with higher metrics or SaaS websites specific to your industry, we have it all at hand. We’ve gathered a huge database of good partners to secure your SaaS backlinks. Finding valuable partnerships is an ongoing process, so there is always the right fit for your domain.

To perfectly meet your goals with our database, we involve the outreach process in the game. Building connections is the basis for building relevant backlinks for your website. If our database lacks domains that meet your metrics, we launch an outreach campaign to connect and enhance your online presence.

Now, sit back and wait for your live links. As soon as we have a batch of live backlinks ready to go, we'll notify you. This way, you can effortlessly track the progress and see your website authority improve. In case something isn’t looking as we had planned, we’re always ready to make changes and replace backlinks.

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The Advantages Of Working With Us

Link building outreach

Our data team is constantly looking for new domains, new people, and new ways of organizing the whole outreach process. From finding email addresses and filtering the data to keeping track of the numbers and progress, everything is planned. Moreover, our link building for SaaS brands is automated to speed up the process and explore new opportunities.

Relationship building

As an expert SaaS link building agency, we’re no stranger to creating good relationships. Before you worry about finding the SEO partners, this task is already completed. We have a huge network of SaaS link builders, allowing us to produce outstanding results. We simply keep in touch with our link building partners all the time and on all platforms possible, including email and LinkedIn.

Backlink relevance

Besides the number of SaaS backlinks and the consistency of the process, we also consider relevancy as part of our expert SaaS link building services. If you have very specific target keywords and need to build relevant backlinks, we will still work them out. How do we make it happen? By adding new sentences and phrases to existing blog articles, your link will be live and still look natural.

Our Pricing

Pouches and coins symbolizing pricing for traffic and DR as part of SEO services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Link building for SaaS is the practice of getting backlinks from SaaS websites to yours. It positively influences rankings and helps increase traffic after a certain period.

A good backlink is from an authoritative website that has high metrics and is relevant to your website. It is also set as do-follow which allows search engines to point to your website.

Link building agencies have a huge database of domains, many SEO connections, and are more cost-effective. Instead of hiring an in-house team and spending enormous time and effort on the campaign, it’s best to simply outsource. 

Usually, link building results start coming in during the first month. However, this depends on a lot of factors, including your website’s current state, the number and quality of backlinks you’re getting, the consistency you keep, and more.

It really depends on your strategy and goals with our link building services. The minimum number of backlinks we build per month is 10 and maximum we would go is 30.

Before making your links live, we ensure to agree on the time period expected. This way, you will have live links as agreed