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SuperAnnotate is the leading platform for building and evaluating top-performing models using high-quality training data. SuperAnnotate unifies your AI pipeline and simplifies dataset creation, curation, and model evaluation, enabling you to build, fine-tune, and deploy better models faster.
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SuperAnnotate Results

The problem: SuperAnnotate needed some boost for their priority keywords so that they could rank important target pages, grow traffic, and improve overall metrics.  
The solution: by consistently building backlinks to their target pages, we were able to improve their backlink profile in 2 years. 

In the beginning, the DR of the website was 39, and the Traffic was 2K. With an effective content strategy in place and valuable backlinks built over time, you can already see the big boost in the screenshot below.

SuperAnnotate performance

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Improving rankings

The goal of ranking for the keyword “annotation tool” seemed a bit hard because of the high Keyword Difficulty. On the other hand, it was a priority one, and SuperAnnotate really wanted to rank on top of the search results. 

Where do they rank now? In the 1st position, with the help of some backlinks from valuable websites.

SuperAnnotate Keyword Ranking

Let’s take a look at some numbers around this target keyword. As you can see, it’s super hard to rank for this keyword even though the Global Search Volume is 2,3K. But, you can also see that the top ranking result is SuperAnnotate.

SuperAnnotate annotation tool performance

Better keyword performance

Backlinks are important when it comes to the keywords a website will rank for. As you can see, SuperAnnotate is already ranking for 7.3K keywords. This helps bring more traffic, improve their brand visibility, and rank better overtime.

SuperAnnotate organic search

Metrics (DR and Traffic) Boost

To understand whether the provided backlinks have helped SuperAnnotate, we track two important metrics on Ahrefs-DR (Domain Rating) and Traffic. 

Two years ago, the website had a DR of 39 which is already 69. As for the Traffic, they used to get only 2K, but now it’s already 31.2K. 

SuperAnnotate keyword performance

Besides the two metrics mentioned above, you can also check out the number of Backlinks and the Referring domains to get some more insights. 

Time for numbers

Here are some numbers that show how we achieved these results:

  • Average DR of the domains we built SuperAnnotate backlinks from: 68.4
  • Average Traffic of the domains we built SuperAnnotate backlinks from: 82,540 
  • Number of unique domains we built backlinks from: 400+
  • Time period we worked: 2 years

By following these metrics and keeping in mind SuperAnnotate’s target keywords, we were able to build the necessary number of backlinks and boost their website.

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