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How We Improved EasyDMARC’s Position Ranking From 77 to 1

Traffic Increase
New Keywords
Ranking Increase
EasyDMARC results images
EasyDMARC is an all-in-one DMARC platform helping other companies secure their domain, validate brand reputation, and deliver emails more efficiently.
Yerevan, Armenia

EasyDMARC Results

The problem: EasyDMARC needed some boost to rank higher in the organic search results, bring the right type of traffic, and gain more credibility in their industry.
The solution: we decided to build backlinks to EasyDMARC’s key pages by targeting the most efficient keywords in terms of metrics and search intent.

At the starting point, the average DR was 69, and the Traffic hit almost 15K. By following the graph, you can already see how rapidly the traffic is growing. 

Of course, they also made sure to keep a good content strategy going and resolving any technical issues during the whole process. In addition to this, the backlinks we built helped achieve their goal much faster.

EasyDMARC Starting Point 1

Let’s talk about each result in more detail. How did this happen?

Ranking increase

One of the strategic keywords we started building links to was the “spf record checker.” Almost 2 years ago EasyDMARC was ranking on the 77th position with this keyword. Now they are the 1st to come up in the search results.

EasyDMARC SPF record checker ranking 1

Considering the keyword difficulty of this keyword-69, you probably already know how much effort it would take. However, it also had a high Global Search volume-3.1K and could bring in some good potential traffic-4.8K.

EasyDMARC SPF record checker keyword info

Keyword performance increase

Backlinks also help with a website’s keyword performance in the organic search results. Considering the target anchors we were working on and content improvements done all along, EasyDMARC’s website was no exception. 

Below, you can see that their website is already ranking for 23K keywords in the organic search results. Such a result not only improves brand visibility in search results but also positions the website higher, increasing the number of potential leads.

EasyDMARC Keyword Performance

Metrics (DR and Traffic) increase

Let’s talk numbers! 

To estimate the influence of link building on a website, we mostly focus on the DR and Traffic. In the case of EasyDMARC, let’s go back to the beginning once more. 

As we mentioned before, the DR has increased from 69-77, while we have a Traffic growth from 14K to about 80K currently.

EasyDMARC Metrics Performance 1

There are other metrics you can check out, such as the number of Referring domains and Backlinks which are also great indicators of website growth.

How we did it (EasyDMARC Strategy)

Before starting the link building process for a client, we make sure to learn about their goals so that we create a strategy accordingly. 

A good point to always follow is ensuring we build links not only to landing or promotional pages, but also to some blog pages. This helps diversify the website’s backlink profile and avoid looking too promotional.

To explain things better, let’s take a look at another keyword we built backlinks to. 

By looking at the screenshot below, we can see that the keyword “dmarc reports” has fairly better metrics for link building purposes. While the keyword difficulty is 30 (Medium) it still has 700 Global Search Volume and can provide 400 Traffic.

EasyDMARC dmarc reports keyword performance 2

“>So, by building backlinks to this page, we were able to rank it from 28th position to 3rd.

EasyDMARC dmarc reports position 1

Let’s talk some numbers that really affected EasyDMARC’s result: 

  • Average DR of the domains we built EasDMARC backlinks from: 70
  • Average Traffic of the domains we built EasDMARC backlinks from: 160K
  • Number of unique domains we built backlinks from: 800+

As you can see, working on the right strategy by having EasyDMARC’s goal in mind and building the necessary number of backlinks, we were able to achieve such a good backlink profile. 

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